Our Interior Detailing Services

Carpet / Seat Shampooing - Car $100
Carpet / Seat Shampooing - Truck/SUV $125
Pet / Smoke / Mildew Smell Elimination $50*
Pet Hair Removal $50*
*price is subject to change in severe cases

Express Interior Package

Car - $100, Truck/SUV - $125,
Van/Large SUV -$150

*price is subject to change in severe cases
  • Door Panels Cleaned
  • Dashboard Cleaned
  • Center Console Cleaned
  • Interior Windows Cleaned
  • Rearview Mirror Cleaned
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Add Carpet & Seat Shampooing OR Leather Cleaned & Dressed with UV Protection For An Additional $100 (cars) / $125 (SUV)

Interior Disinfecting - $50

*price is subject to change in severe cases

Concerned About Germs & Bacteria in your vehicles? We have a disinfectant that self sanitizes & disinfects for up to 30 days.  EPA approved! Our disinfectant immediately kills 99.9% of any germs, viruses, and bacteria when it lands on treated surfaces. In addition all or part of your self sanitizing interior disinfecting application may be covered by your auto insurance company.

Seat and carpet shampooing
Floor mat vacuuming
Pet hair removal

We Have Complete Interior & Exterior Packages

If you need more than just interior detailing, we offer full packages that include interior and exterior detailing! If you can't come to us, schedule an appointment and we will come to you!